Street and club dance entering the institutions

Sunday 23.04, 4:00PM-6:00PM

Gymsalen, Sentralen

Tickets: Free

The panel talk will be in English.


How can we preserve heritage and values when street and club dances become part of the institutions? Hip Hop culture, Ballroom culture and most street dances, has during the past 10 years entered the institutions such as education, theaters etc. Street dance is often seen as a way to bring a new audience in, and perhaps a way to check off boxes for diversity.

This is in many ways positive, but can it also be seen as exploitation? How can we preserve the values and at the same time allow the art forms and subcultures to grow and thrive? Are there situations where we can or should adapt to make it fruitful for both parts? How can we ensure a better future for street and club dance when entering the institutions? 


We have invited four people to talk and discuss the past and future, both in Norway and Europe:

Kwamé // Dancer/choreographer/dance teacher (France) 

Ingunn Rimestad // Teacher/choreographer (Norway)

Dirk Korrel // Producer (France) 

Camilla Tellefsen // Choreographer/dance teacher/producer (Norway) 



Mathias Jin Budtz (Norway/ Denmark)




Søndag 23.04, kl. 16:00-18:00

Gymsalen på Sentralen

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